Coronavirus at Healthcare at Foster Creek

Healthcare at Foster Creek is a place for compassionate nursing care for some of society’s most medically compromised and vulnerable people. Our staff helps people with significant and challenging behavioral health disorders, people with dementia, and people with many multiple chronic health conditions. 

Recently the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) announced its intent to provide additional oversight and nursing staff. We welcome support from the DHS to help us manage the challenges Coronavirus presents to our population and staff. DHS is a longtime partner in helping us serve Oregon’s Medicaid population. DHS has supported our efforts to establish safe skilled nursing environments for the formerly homeless, those with challenging health care and life situations, and for people who would otherwise have no place to go at the end of their lives.

Our team of dedicated care giving professionals come to work everyday to care for our residents, including those who tested positive for Covid-19, often putting their own health at risk. Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is supporting our care giving team with funding for more staff to care for our residents, including residents who tested positive for Covid-19. We continue to work with DHS, Multnomah County, and OHA as well as follow CDC guidelines.

Though many residents have tested positive, many are getting well.

For media inquiries, please contact Nicole Francois at 503-770-4232.